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TOPIC: The Magic Era of Online Games

The Magic Era of Online Games 3 months, 1 week ago #397909

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However, there are still a lot of fourth-order players pouring into the Kodo Beast Valley. It seems that there are many players who are brainless and confused by the magic stone. Of course, there are also players with hidden conspiracies. However, entering the Kodo Beast Valley does not mean that these people are determined to fight against the Eagle Strike Sky. Many players still have obvious nervousness on their faces, especially when more and more members of the Eagle Strike Sky look across their faces. Some people are scared away by the deliberate grins on the spot. They are really scared away. Although the Eagle Strikes the Sky has fallen out of the list of the top ten guilds, no one dares to underestimate the Eagle Strikes the Sky, because the Supreme of Chaos has never given them a chance to look down on it. In recent days, first, the Scavenger Kirin swam alone among tens of thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of orc players of the "Chaos" World Supreme, completely destroying the guild residence in the "Chaos" World Supreme building; After that, the four guilds, such as the Eagle Striking the Sky, helped the Purple Flame to start a prairie fire, and defeated the crape myrtle stars, the Supreme of the "chaotic" world, as well as hundreds of mercenary soldiers and guild organizations. After that, the appearance of the Fire Dance for nine days,ultrasonic generator driver, and at the last moment, they all seemed to be hooked up with the Eagle Striking the Sky, which was once considered to be gradually declining! It also proves once again that: The ranking of the guild list is not equal to the ranking of the guild strength. A group of pioneers entering the Kodo Beast Valley are getting slower and slower at their feet. Although they knew that the magic Kodo beast seemed to brush only in the first area of the valley, the familiar figure in the deep valley of the Kodo beast made each of them tremble wildly: "He.." And came in person?! Chapter 518 terrible stratagem, hidden to kill the ticket. Chapter 518 terrible stratagem, hidden to kill the ticket. A group of people who entered the Kodo Beast Valley stopped again! Water swamp clams.. Kodo Beast Valley Head,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, a group of players who obviously exude the breath of the strong, a large Warcraft with a bloated body and looks extremely lazy, but it brings them the feeling of trembling! Although they are very'uncomfortable 'with the strength of the eagle striking the sky, but in the face of the real strong man, in the face of the strong man who once picked up the enemy's first master'death' and even almost killed him, the legendary strong man who never gave up. Still from the bottom of my heart, there is a trace of trembling, panic and chaos. After all! The name of a man, the shadow of a tree! Even if how self-righteous people, the heart is also very clear, what the head of the water marsh magic clam represents, what it means to them. The same face is the eagle hit the sky, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic welding transducer, but a legend with the soul of the strong town, with a group of elite strong, is a completely different concept. It's like.. Your side is a group of people, the other side is also a group of people, although each person is tall and big, but the number is less than your side, both sides are afraid of each other; but if the leader of the other side-a fierce and famous figure appears in the other side, the gap between the two sides is very obvious! On the one hand, the morale is greatly boosted and the strength is strong; Here is a group of shrinking green boys, can not find a head. That's the way it is now. A group of people stopped! Even though the group of Griffin knights overhead did not stop, as if they had not noticed the appearance of water marsh clams, these people remained indifferent and even flinched. At this time, some people in the crowd are not satisfied. "Shit, is not a man ah, all here still shrink back?"? Aren't you ashamed? As soon as the voice came out, the group of people in front of them turned their heads with a gloomy face: "***!"! What's wrong with my head? *** you! Do not think that I don't know what kind of person you are? I don't want to be cannon fodder for others for no reason. "Yes, which onion and which garlic do you t?"? Mind your uncle's business? I heard you chattering in our ears. If you have the ability, you can come out and go up by yourself! Fuck off "Scavenging Kirin, what are you playing with?"! I'm out of here! I'm not going crazy with you! I don't play either.
I heard that there are dozens of points of honor on the scavenger Kirin. Isn't it like playing to kill us later? A few people in front of him first scolded the man who was constantly encouraging him, and then, with such a shout, he squeezed directly into the crowd and went out; In this way, the people behind all know that the boss of the Eagle Strike Sky is sitting in the valley of the Kodo Beast. After a few minutes of hubbub, another group of people left the stagnant line! Staring at the first few people who left in front of them, the eagles struck the sky and whispered in secret: "Well, brother, why do I think those people look familiar?" Did you find out, too? Shit, I thought I was dazzled. Aren't those boys the brothers of the Rubik's Cube of Death? They had seen each other outside the station of the Purple Flame Prairie before. I said why did they come here? "Hey, I think it's the old ambassador's alienation plan again." "High!"! Ha-ha! Is someone secretly encouraging these people to fight against us? The boss also started from the inside of the players, and the silent "color" scared most of their people away.. Nnd, that's awesome. "Shh! Keep your voice down before they hear you." Looking at a group of players who were already "close" to within 100 meters and suddenly turned back, the already not very strong momentum was once again sharply reduced to desolation, and even could not threaten the eagle to strike the sky. While whispering, Xiao Ai was stunned and looked at me with a very speechless look. Before, they all thought it looked a little ridiculous, just the appearance of a water marsh clam, how could it stop such a large group of people. But now it seems that the prestige of the water marsh magic clam is very great! The opposite player, after the water marsh magic clam appears,ultrasonic spray nozzle, stops completely, and quickly walks away more than half; Although it seems a little ridiculous. But I greeted the speechless eyes of the two girls and the excited face of the coke kitten, shrugging my shoulders: It is what it is!. fycgsonic.com
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