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The Genius Learning System 3 months, 1 week ago #397911

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Chen Yang vigorously absorbed the repair light from the divine world, and the "Taiji Diagram" which had been shut down for a long time jumped out of Chen Yang's body at this time and began to suck. Because the "Taiji Diagram" was originally made of those top materials, it was easy for the "Tai Chi Diagram" to automatically upgrade to the artifact level, and then evolve to a very close level. You can't evolve anymore. Chen Yang intends to find some special energy for the "Taiji Diagram" to absorb after arriving at the divine world, and try his best to make the power of the "Taiji Diagram" stronger, because although the "Tai Chi Diagram" is made by imitating the holy vessel of Master Bo, it is possible that it can really evolve to the power level of the original version, which is much more potential than Dao Xuantong Youlian. Dao Xuan Tong You Lian is now the most powerful, but this kind of merit treasure wants to upgrade to become a holy vessel, requires a very large amount of merit, the difficulty is very high, unlike the "Taiji diagram", as long as it keeps absorbing some advanced energy, it can slowly evolve. After he could not suck any more, Chen Yang said goodbye to his disciples and grandchildren contentedly, and officially ascended to the divine world with full ambition. Chen Yang said secretly in his heart, "I'm finally going back to the divine world. I'm ready. Are you all ready?" !# Chapter three hundred and twenty of the main text, the treasure house of stars Chapter three hundred and twenty, the treasure house of stars. After such a long time, Chen Yang (cloud neutron) finally returned to the divine world, which made Chen Yang feel a lot of emotion in his heart, but more is lofty sentiments,Vegetable oil filling machine, those enemies who have hurt cloud neutron are ready? Are you starting to shake now? The divine world is very different from what Chen Yang (Yun Zhongzi) remembers. It seems to have become much more chaotic. There are fragmented fragments of the divine world everywhere, and the space has become less stable. After mastering the law of space to a certain extent, Chen Yang can be said to have a panoramic view of the space stability of the divine world. Come to think of it, this should have a lot to do with the turmoil in the divine world all the time. Fighting and fighting every day, those restless guys have a few brushes under their hands. After a few big moves, it would be strange if the space of the divine world could remain the same as before. This is all because of the lack of management of the divine world, therefore, Chen Yang has to speed up the speed of practice,CSD filling line, to quickly rescue the six saints from the way of heaven, and find out the fundamental reason why the way of heaven has become like this, if it is not improved, then even if the six saints are rescued, it is meaningless. Although it is said that after the six saints come out, they can effectively restrain all forces in the divine world and return a peace to the divine world, but what is the use of peace in the light divine world? Those lower planes will still be affected by the deformity of heaven. Although it is said that under the Shinto, there are all mole ants, even the monks of the Eastern Immortal Realm and the Western Divine Realm are the same, if they can't control it, they really should give up such a part. However, Chen Yang can not be so ruthless, even his predecessor cloud neutron is the same, especially now, Chen Yang from an ordinary mortal, Beverage packing machine ,Edible oil filling machine, step by step, slowly practice, and finally returned to the divine world, which makes Chen Yang more emotional than ever, the way of heaven is merciless, the world is affectionate, at least Chen Yang can not be so free and easy. There is nothing in the divine world that can help you recast the divine body like the immortal pool in the immortal world. If you want to strengthen it, you have to think of your own way. After arriving at the divine world, the genius learning system can finally release all the shackles and accelerate with the strongest time, one hundred thousand times. This is the time conversion between the genius learning system and the outside world. Chen Yang used the soul marks left in the fairy world to find the immortal emperors who declared their loyalty to him, including two disciples Qi Zu and Wang Dan, and put them into the genius learning system and began to practice with all his strength.
Although these immortal emperors are in the fairy world, they are absolutely first-class top masters, but after arriving at the divine world, their strength is almost at the end of the stage. If they don't strengthen it well, how can they help Chen Yang do things well? The time rules of the divine world are completely different from those of the lower world. No matter how many years have passed in the lower world, the time of the divine world seems not to move. This is eternity. Moreover, the general gods can do this kind of thing against the chaos of time and space. Unfortunately, after entering the divine world, it is difficult to contact the lower world again. This is the rule of the sacred world. Even Chen Yang can't violate it now. Chen Yang simply can not like the fairy world, the divine consciousness to the home planet Earth, and chat with his family, which also makes Chen Yang feel very depressed. This is also limited by the rules of the divine world, if to the divine world, but also so easily to the lower world, that would be too bad. An ordinary man of God can turn any lower world upside down. Therefore, after the creation of the divine world, apart from those saints, there is no divine person who can descend from the divine world to the lower world, that is to say, if you want to go out of the divine world, you must become a saint. Of course, there is another way, that is to fall in the divine world, so there may be a trace of the true spirit to the lower world to reincarnate, just like Chen Yang now, but this matter is uncertain, who dares to take life as a joke ah, in case there is no true spirit left, that is not completely dead? It is not easy to cultivate to the level of God, and it is even more difficult to cultivate to the level of quasi-saint. Therefore, so many quasi-saints are fighting for the ticket to become saints. In this competition, those ordinary gods are not qualified to participate. Only the top quasi-saints in the divine world, besides saints, are qualified. Chen Yang likes to play everywhere in the period of former cloud neutron, and because of the mark given by the sage, Chen Yang can freely go back and forth to the immortal world, which is a very special person, and the ancestor of zombies is not bound by the rules of heaven and earth,water bottle packaging machine, so these two people can swagger around, not restricted by the interface, which is a very privileged person. gzxilinear.com
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