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Although Liu Cheng has not mentioned, but Lin Sanhong knows that he will mention sooner or later, rather than waiting for Liu Cheng to pick up the topic, it is better to take the initiative. If you take the initiative to serve, there will undoubtedly be much more room for manoeuvre. Lin Sanhong handed his hand to the sky and said, "Your Majesty's personal expedition is imminent. With my great power tomorrow, how can a small Mongolia be a thunderbolt?"? Come to think of it, I, the king of the Ming Dynasty, heard the news of your majesty's personal expedition, and my morale is bound to be greatly boosted. Destroy the city and pull out the village and so on. An invincible triumphant return is just around the corner. Liu Cheng what a shrewd character, listening to Lin Sanhong's words will know what he is going to say, smiling slightly nodded, but did not speak. Lin Sanhong first expressed great optimism about the great cause of the Northern Expedition, and then changed the subject after saying the cliche that had no practical effect but had to be said: "Recently, I heard that the empresses all scrimped and saved, and cut expenses to fund the great cause of the Northern Expedition.". I wait for these courtiers, as long as there is a little bit of loyalty. You won't sit back and watch. I Yangzhou people is a few days to eat less a mouthful is nothing, naturally will not let the queen be wronged. In Lin Sanhong's mind,plastic bottle making machine, Empress Xu's character is definitely several levels higher than Zhu Lin's. Now it's not all empty talk to talk about Empress Xu. Naturally, it's not all from the bottom of her heart. It's impossible to speak from the bottom of her heart at any time! I Yangzhou is willing to serve again "serve the court" Lin Sanhong obviously hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth or said a very big number: "I Yangzhou up and down to serve two hundred thousand two!" Liu Cheng came to Yangzhou, certainly not specifically to send a pair of the emperor's calligraphy to Yangzhou. Every official present was willing to wager that he had not come to ask for money, and they could pull out their eyeballs. Liu Cheng naturally came to get the money. Hearing Lin Sanhong say two hundred thousand, Liu Cheng also made a very surprised look: "Two hundred thousand?"? That's a lot. The five richest prefectures in the south of the Yangtze River are all a land of fish and rice. If the grain for service is converted into money, it is less than four hundred thousand taels. Yangzhou government has just served ninety thousand,PET blowing machine, and to take out two hundred thousand, the heart of the blood is also worthy of "Yu Nei Xing Sheng.". These four words. Two hundred thousand, is not a small number, if put in some poor and remote places, is to squeeze out the fat on the body of the official master may not be able to take out. Yangzhou government can have such an expression, also be right from the court. Lin Sanhong said to himself, "The emperor is the emperor. He really knows how to make money better than anyone else.". Write a note in exchange for two hundred thousand taels of silver, a word is worth fifty thousand taels, this business is really too profitable! Liu Cheng first affirmed the "blood sincerity" of Yangzhou Prefecture. Heart, after all, Yangzhou out of the nearly three hundred thousand figures is the world's largest state. Even the land of fish and rice, such as Suzhou and Huzhou, is far from Yangzhou. An imperial personal expedition. I am the first great expedition of the Ming Dynasty, and when the descendants read the history books, water bottling line ,juice filling machine, they will also praise the grand event of my Dynasty. Liu Cheng said earnestly: "The wind of fighting is not only to use the enemy's life bravely with ten blood." The most fundamental thing is to send money and grain twice and stop ten times. Ask for money! The war also needs money. Even if hundreds of thousands of troops stay in place, people eat horse chewing down, a day is also an amazing expense. It is rare for you adults to be so considerate of the emperor's difficulties, and it is rare for Lin Futai to have such a sincere heart. Liu Cheng fumbled for a piece of yellow cloth in his bosom. After opening the bag, he took out an exquisite lock and said, "When I came, the queen specially asked me to bring a small object, saying that Lin Futai was happy to have an heir.". This. The lock of longevity was given to the young man by the queen. Lin Sanhong hurriedly knelt down to take it. In fact, this longevity lock is not luxurious, but it is a reward from the palace, and it is also a gift from the queen, which itself has a certain political meaning. Lin Sanhong was very formal in thanking him: "Heaven's grace is so great that I dare not do my best to serve the state." "Lin Fu-tai has become the prefect of Yangzhou at a young age, and his future is no longer predictable for a decrepit old man like me." Liu Cheng twirled his beard and said with a smile, "Lin Fu-tai has a close friendship with the King of Han, and he is highly appreciated by Long Live, especially when he is in office in Yangzhou.".
You are also talented and capable, willing to work hard, a Yangzhou governance of the flowers, even the queen has given a reward. This honor, looking at our country, there are few. "Yes, yes, Tianji." LiuCheng ha ha smile to make casual look, "casually" said: "I come, long live also personally, said Yangzhou mansion is Jinshan, must I take some silver back, the time of the expedition with." Sure enough, he came to get the money, so that Zhu Lin's calligraphy of the four words was not taken in vain! Several Yangzhou local security officials hurriedly said, "Xiaguan is going to raise money now. You must bring two hundred thousand yuan when the old man returns to Beijing, so that he can help the emperor there." "Thank you, thank you." Liu Cheng is very easy-going hand for the ceremony, the more peaceful and brilliant smile: "However, the emperor's side of the opening is a little big, not two hundred thousand two can be blocked." Hearing what Liu Cheng said, all the officials present were nervous. Everyone in the world knows that Yangzhou is rich. The emperor doesn't want to open his mouth at this time, does he? Two hundred thousand taels is a lot. How much more do you want? Lin Sanhong asked respectfully, "I dare to ask Lord Liu. What the emperor means is reward." "The emperor doesn't mean anything. Yangzhou should set an example for such a big thing as a personal expedition. Since he is an example, he must serve more. The emperor himself told me to bring back two million taels of silver from Yangzhou. Two million? This is no longer a question of more money or less money, but a joke. What is the total amount of taxes in the whole Ming Dynasty? No matter how rich Yangzhou is, it is finally a small government office. Smashing pots and selling iron is not worth two million! If Zhu Xiang asked for fifty tiles, Lin Sanhong would certainly cut down the price,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but there was no need to bargain for two million yuan, which was higher than the sky, but to close the door directly. gzxilinear.com
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