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TOPIC: Tianyuan

Tianyuan 3 months, 1 week ago #397913

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As soon as Li Longji left, yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng waddled over with several purple-robed Taoists. As soon as Li Chunfeng stood outside, he blocked more than a dozen ministers who wanted to come over to curry favor with him. yuan Tiangang stood beside the river fish, looking at the purple and gold dragon gas that mortals could not see with the naked eye on the water of the Dragon Pool. He asked lightly, "I went out just now. Did you find anything?" "Well!" Nodding his head forcefully, Jiang Yu said in a low voice, "Is it a big discovery to be chased by a standing golden arhat with Buddha's light hanging on the back of his head?" "Huh?" yuan Tiangang's body shivered. He grabbed the hand of the river fish and touched him for a while. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and scolded him in a low voice: "Fortunately, I didn't get hurt."? And you're lucky enough to be lucky? How can there be such a tall man? What did you find? Jiang Yu hurriedly told what he had just seen and heard, and even Du Wu and the others had swallowed the blood and sarira of the seven monks, and there was nothing to hide. Want to hide also can't hide, now a few poisonous insects or all over the face red, the blood in the body is surging badly, is sitting on the stool foolishly forced to digest the pure energy in the sarira, how can you deceive yuan Tiangang's eyes? yuan Tiangang, on the other hand, was startled. A strange light flashed in his eyes. He scolded in a low voice, "Sure enough, this group of dead monks actually sent one of a pair of great reincarnation seals of the day demons sealed by the Falian Temple to the Central Plains."? The Great Samsara Seal is a set of two Buddha vessels, which have infinite wonderful uses in the changes of birth and death,juice filling machine, but it turns out to be like this. yuan Tiangang's face was a little ugly. He talked to himself and waved to a purple-robed old man. The old man came over respectfully and listened to yuan Tiangang whispering a few words in his ear. He nodded hurriedly and slipped out of the imperial garden quietly while no one was paying attention. It was obvious that he had gone to tip off, but he did not know how the Three Immortals Sect of Penglai, the One Immortal Sect and even the Central Plains Taoist Sect would react to the news. "Well, could it be that suddenly hundreds of immortals would come out and smash the little monk into a meat pie?" Jiang Yu's mind emerged scenes of very bloody, very violent pictures, even became a little excited, a burst of heart beating. yuan Tiangang,water filling machine, however, still refused to give up. He glanced at the deity monk sitting in the water pavilion with a solemn face. With a sneer, he walked over to Li Longji, who was reciting poems and drinking with a group of ministers. He said with a smile, "Your Majesty, it's a good night today. Lao Dao has a trick. I'd like to ask Your Majesty to appreciate it." yuan Tiangang deliberately amplified the voice and spread it throughout the imperial garden. The garden suddenly quieted down, and several monks on the water pavilion flashed their eyes and looked this way at the same time. yuan Tiangang, however, calmly ignored the others, put his left hand into his right sleeve and touched it for a while. He felt out a thumb-sized white purple fruit stone carved like jade, and threw it into a piece of mud beside him. Like his hand, a stream of water in the dragon pond came and moistened the mud. The stone of the fruit went into the soil and grew a bud in an instant. A wisp of elegant fragrance flowed in the whole garden. Everyone was open-minded and could not help taking a deep breath. The river fish, the dragon and the red fire are shocked by each other, but the vitality contained in this fragrance is no worse than the quality in the Kunlun Valley. River fish dare to guarantee, water filling machine ,bottle blowing machine, ten yuan Tiangang also can't release so strong so pure vitality, that fruit stone must be strange, perhaps is blessed by the ancestors of the door of the ban, deliberately in today to reveal the mystery of Taoism. In the time of a cup of tea, the tender buds sprout, grow leaves and blossom, and soon turn into a big plum tree which is proud of snow and frost. The plum tree is thirty feet high, its trunk is like a dragon, and the bowl-sized flowers reveal a refreshing fragrance. A breeze was born in the sky, blowing the petals to the ground, and big green plums were produced on the flower base. That is, after a while, the plum became yellow, and the attractive fragrance spread all around with the wind. There were only a hundred plums on a huge plum tree. But the plums are all the size of a baby's fist, with purple lines looming on them. They are obviously alien ambrosia, which is not easy for ordinary people to see.
yuan Tiangang picked a plum and handed it to Li Longji. He said with a smile, "Your Majesty, if you take this'Qiongmei ', you will be able to relieve the pain of illness all over your body, and you will not be infected with the evil spirit all your life." River fish secretly nodded, as expected, the door patted Li Longji's flattery can do this at most. A Qiongmei is not a big deal to relieve the pain. If the geocentric jade fruit is sent to Li Longji, so that Li Longji can live for ten thousand years, I am afraid that the disaster will fall immediately, and the three islands of Penglai will be split into pieces. Smiling from ear to ear, Li Longji nibbled the plum clean in a few mouthfuls and exclaimed, "It's fresh and delicious. It's really a fairy fruit.". "Well, the Qing family and I share and eat it, and also ask for one without illness or pain." The words are polite, but the presence of civil and military officials, representatives of powerful families and even their families are clear, a total of only a hundred plums, in addition to those top people, who can eat such a fairy fruit? Some people whose identities are so poor can't help resenting yuan Tiangang-if you have a few more on your tree, can't I share the profits? In the water pavilion, the great benevolence and wisdom and the great power said a few words in the ears of the God elephant monk. The God elephant monk raised his eyebrows and stood up and said loudly, "Your Majesty, I have something to say." He flashed to Li Longji's side in a few steps and pointed to yuan Tiangang and said lightly, "This Taoist friend's magic is just a little magical power. It's not a great skill.". I have a magical method here, which is a hundred times better than him. I would like to ask Your Majesty to appreciate it. yuan Tiangang raised his eyebrows and showed a smile worth pondering on his face. As soon as the river fish moves in the heart, the God elephant monk's seniority also has yuan Tiangang, Li Chunfeng to be higher than him, the supernatural power is also really formidable,liquid bottle filling machine, he is not afraid that the monk has overwhelmed his own ability to grow trees on the ground? Could it be that yuan Tiangang was also prepared to play a defensive role? River fish thought of here, immediately Lingshi spread around, want to find whether there is a door master lurking around. gzxilinear.com
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