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The Strongest Landlord of Online Games
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TOPIC: The Strongest Landlord of Online Games

The Strongest Landlord of Online Games 3 months, 1 week ago #397914

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Drinking the champagne in the glass, the old demon could not help smiling bitterly, the wine brought by tranquility, he knew best, but it was his own collection of Vankes champagne, which was drunk as ordinary beer! This is really let the old demon some speechless, you know, this is a bottle of champagne with a market price of 3000 yuan, or I bought it specially to decorate the villa, the result is that I don't know where the quiet girl came from. The most embarrassing thing for the old demon was that although the quiet girl was the first to drink to celebrate, she was the shallowest one. After drinking a glass of low-alcohol champagne, her cheeks were red and her eyes were confused. No one else was looking for her, but she came to chat with the old demon. Uncle Lothario! Come here Come on! Drink with us! Quiet body, clinging to the old demon's arm, stretched out a finger to lift the old demon's chin: "Also … …" Or are you shy? The old demon smiled bitterly. Wasn't he sitting on the sofa alone? What does shyness have to do with it? And, quiet this wench, does she know in the end, lift a man's chin to mean what? However, seeing her charming and silly drunken appearance, the old demon would not take advantage of her even if he was a beast. He just scraped her nose and pretended to be vicious and teased her: "Don't drink if you can't drink. Be careful that I bully you and throw you into the swimming pool later!" Serenity grinned and suddenly whispered to the old demon's ear, "Uncle lady-killer, in fact, I know that you have the heart of a thief but not the courage of a thief.." The old demon Comrade was so angry that he was despised by a drunken girl? Is that all right? Before the old demon could get angry, tranquility suddenly became a little lonely and whispered to himself: "In fact, I also know that you are a good man.." Because of you, this time Lele sister is very happy, I haven't seen her show such a smile for a long time. The old demon's words to the mouth, all of a sudden to hold back, toward the table Yang Yongle looked past,liquid bottle filling machine, only to see Yang Yongle and the girls in the studio happily talking and laughing, the smile on her face, let her look so soft. "Thank you, Uncle Lothario!" Tranquility raised his toes, holding the face of the old demon, close to the very serious tunnel: "Thank you for not blaming me today, otherwise, I will probably feel guilty to death today.." By the sudden attack of the old demon, all of a sudden Leng in place, quiet mouth that should be light wine fragrance, separated by such a close distance, the smell is so strong? Or is it because of the mix of girls? Before the old demon could analyze what the reason was, tranquility had left the old demon and run away, returned to the scene of the celebration dinner, and went crazy with her sisters. The old demon picked up the glass in his hand, PET bottle Mold ,PET blow moulding machine, the golden champagne, set off by the night, looked so charming, lifted up to drink, the taste is so refreshing, alcohol stimulates the taste buds to bring the feeling, is so colorful! Just like the girls in front of us. With a slight smile, the old demon drank up the wine and got up to go back to his room. As for them, let them make a little more noise. To support this book and increase the author's popularity, please share: More Underworld Special Forces City Young Marshal Wushen Star Ring Orange Red Age City Happy Swordsman My Policewoman Wife Dionysus Ruffian Sorcerer Officialdom Upstart Officialdom Hero Invincible Twelve-winged Angel King Comes to the Beginning of Hongmeng Fighting to Break the Sky and Devour the Stars Evil King Mortal Cultivating Immortals and Passing on the Dharma Immortal Path Making the Tide Immortal Against the Immortal Sword Body The Beginning of Hongmeng Eye of Heaven Life Genius Doctor Super Doctor Medical Super Immortal Doctor Medical Way Official Path Rebirth Official Way Rebirth Thief Walking in the World Rebirth Without Regret Life Rebirth Inside the Yamen Yin and Yang Crown Stallion Novels: Bodyguard Romance, Huadu Gambling Jade, Peach Bride Tears, Hundred Beauties and Delicate Pictures II, Twelve Concub Register as a member for free and enter the "bookshelf" to reduce pop-up ads! Total Statistics 199 Statistics Chapter 44 Game Update The next morning, the old demon was still yawning when he got up.
Last night, I don't know why, the old demon always felt a faint fragrance around his nose, which made him sleep badly all night. When he woke up in the morning, the old demon Comrade sadly found that it seemed that since the girls moved in, he often dreamed at night, and it was the kind of dream that many girls could only be sensed but not expressed in words.. Alas! It's fallen! Life! The old demon wanted to learn from the philosopher and express some feelings, but after thinking for a long time, nothing jumped out, but the exhaust gas accumulated in his stomach for a day came out. The old demon brushed his teeth and opened the door of the room to see if Didi had made breakfast in the living room downstairs. As a result, the old demon's mouth hurt for a day. Downstairs on the sofa, a few girls lying all over the sofa, do not know what time they were last night, actually fell asleep on the sofa a few, at this time have not yet got up. This is a fantastic scene, the girls are probably drinking in high spirits, slapstick it, anyway, none of their clothes are neat, a large area of looming spring, a perfect picture of spring sleep. When the old demon opened the door of the room and saw this scene, one finally woke up, but it was Yang Yongle. She even yawned, sleepily, and was putting on the stockings on her thighs again. Although not what Qingguo Qingcheng, but Yang Yongle is undoubtedly very beautiful, she has an excellent figure! Delicate curves, slender legs! At this time, she was bending one leg on the armrest of the sofa and gently wiping the stockings up. Someone once said that silk stockings are the greatest invention in the world. Men conquer the world by strength, while women conquer men by silk stockings. Yang Yongle's skin is undoubtedly very smooth, the stockings in his gently wipe, cleverly along her long legs all the way up, will be a spring cover at the same time, exposed another spring! Our old demon Comrade,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, when he saw this scene, his hand could not help trembling, and he inserted his toothbrush into his cheek in a tragic way. gzxilinear.com
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