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Evil God Red Cloud Biography
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TOPIC: Evil God Red Cloud Biography

Evil God Red Cloud Biography 3 months ago #397916

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Tiandao also kept a mind in this matter, deliberately exaggerating the power to devour the world, but in fact devouring the world is the instinct of the Lord of the world. Tiandao said so without fear of being seen through by Hongjun Daozu, mainly because he thought that Hongjun Daozu had just got the complete power of the three realms and could not grasp all the power for a while, so he deliberately induced Hongjun Dao Zu to show it to Qi. Every man for himself, the devil take the hindmost, this point in heaven body performance incisively and vividly, just one thing, but in the hands of heaven but the HongJun Taoist ancestor and Yang Mei immortal to pull in, and let each other to help themselves have to say their own good, have to say that heaven is born a schemer, in the conspiracy is not weaker than red cloud, No wonder he was able to plot against Pangu at the beginning, and he really lived up to his reputation. Hearing Hongjun Daozu's request, Tiandao was ecstatic, but he deliberately pretended to be embarrassed and sighed: "It's not that the poor way is not willing to help, but you and I may not be able to defeat the Western Divine Land together. Although the poor way doesn't know what you think in your heart, the poor way thinks that if we can't unite with Hongyun, we still can't resist this catastrophe." After all,fake blossom tree, we have three thousand chaotic gods and demons because of the containment can not pay with all our strength, although the poor way and the red cloud is not dead, but the poor way or hope that the two can talk with the red cloud. Tiandao is really good at pretending to say such a thing in front of Hongjun Daozu and Yang Mei Daxian to show each other how open-minded he is, but in fact he just wants to borrow the power of Hongyun. Want to take the red cloud as a gun, even if Tiandao can't do it again, since the red cloud has made the action of subjugating the five gods and beasts, it will no longer have any communication with Tiandao and Hongjun Daozu,faux ficus tree, the silly thing of taking millet from fire for others will never happen to him, and now he doesn't have the time to discuss with Tiandao and Hongjun Daozu. The Red Cloud has completely hidden its chaotic world into the void and disappeared into the eyes of the immortals in the three realms. Hearing the words of heaven, Hongjun Daozu also felt that this was reasonable, so he cast his eyes on Yang Mei Daxian. For Yang Mei Daxian, he could tolerate the way of heaven at the moment, not to mention the red cloud, so he nodded and agreed to this proposal. Unfortunately, Hongjun Daozu wanted to find Hongyun, but he could not find the whereabouts of Hongyun. The other party had left the three realms, and there was no trace of him in the three realms. They did not know where the chaotic world was, unless they were willing to spend a lot of time looking for it in the chaos, but it was obviously impossible to do so at this time. Tiandao or Hongjun Daozu, they did not expect Hongyun to retreat so cleanly that they could not find each other. If they believed that Hongyun really had no greed for the land of three thousand chaotic gods and demons, they would not believe it, artificial coconut palm trees ,fake ficus tree, but the things in front of them made them have to believe it. Unable to find the red cloud, all their thoughts were in vain and they could only stare.
What to do? Tiandao, Hongjun Daozu and Yangmei Daxian are looking at each other and can't decide. If they give up like this, they are all unwilling. But if they don't give up, even if they go to the chaos to look for it, they may not be able to convince Hongyun. After all, the cause and effect between Hongyun and Hongjun Daozu and Tiandao is too deep. After pondering for a moment, Yang Mei Daxian said, "Let go. Since the other side wants to avoid us, even if we find him, it's useless. And if not, we can use three thousand chaotic gods and demons to forcibly promote the cultivation of Sanqing, Nu Wa, the two saints of the West, Styx and Haotian, and the Queen Mother of the West." As soon as Yang Mei Daxian said this, Hongjun Daozu's eyes suddenly brightened. He hurriedly said, "Does Daoyou mean to promote them to the masters of the pseudo-world?" Yang Mei Daxian nodded his head and said, "That's right. If these people can become the masters of the pseudo-world, then even without the help of the Red Cloud, we also have the power of World War I. Although the masters of the pseudo-world will affect their future practice, I don't know how long it will take for these people to succeed if they practice by themselves." This sacrifice is of great benefit to them. When Tiandao heard this, he sneered disdainfully and said, "It's really hypocritical. I'm obviously doing harm to others, but I say I'm thinking of the other party. It's really the best thing to be so shameless. It seems that Yang Mei should be careful to guard against it. Don't fall into the plot of this person and capsize in the gutter." For Sanqing, Nu Wa, the two saints of the West, Styx, Haotian and the Queen Mother of the West, these people are all ants in the eyes of Hongjun Daozu. Sacrificing their development is nothing to Hongjun Daozu. In the hearts of these people, they all have the idea of rebellion. Since they act according to the wishes of Yang Mei Daxian, they can worry about themselves. There is no need to worry that Sanqing will become the next Red Cloud. Thinking of this, Hongjun Daozu nodded and said, "What Yang Mei Daoyou said is true. They all have their own small world. It is not difficult to become the master of the pseudo-world. In this way, our strength will be greatly increased. It is just difficult to enhance their strength by force. After all, we don't have so many treasures to enhance the small world." Yang Mei said with a smile, "There's no need to worry about this. Have you forgotten what the essence of the poor way is?" Hearing Yang Mei Daxian's words, Hongjun Daozu suddenly realized that even a branch and leaf of Yang Mei Daxian, as the tree of the world, was a treasure for refining the small world. With his support, there was no problem. Hongjun Daozu breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's much more reassuring to have a Taoist friend to help the poor." As soon as Yang Mei Daxian said this, Tiandao frowned in the dark. He felt something was wrong about it. Yang Mei Daxian was too concerned about the three realms. He was so enthusiastic that he could even sacrifice his own body. If there was no conspiracy,fake ficus tree, Tiandao would not believe it. After some vigilance, Tiandao thought about what Yang Mei Daxian had done to make such a sacrifice. If Yang Mei Daxian wanted to replace Hongjun Daozu, it was useless to rely on this means alone. He could not do it without the origin of the three realms. hacartificialtree.com
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